Questionaire 3

River training - Impact of levee relocation


You are about to start a job as floodplain manager. Prove that you have a sound understanding for the effects of the physical processes during flood and for the techniques to cope with flood. The understanding you have to prove here will be the basis for the use of simulation models. Their application requires a sound feeling for the solution which you will achieve with these numerical methods. For their application you should generally know, what to expect. Furthermore, to apply numerical models you must be able interpret the results and might trace numerical error sources.

For a reach of a river you take care for the river training strategy. Within this strategy, the relocation of a levee is considered. It is up to you to evaluate the positive and negative effects of this measure.

The river reach under consideration is the Elbe. Following Orthophoto shows a reach of 18 x 3 km, the flow direction, an existing levee location (dark green) and its potential future location (light green). Furthermore, the location of three spots are indicated, illustrating details for the upstream of this reach during the Elbe flood in 2002 close to the City of Wittenberg.

Orthophoto based project definition scheme (click to enlarge).


The locations indicated in the orthophotos are illustrated in following photos.

Wittenberg during average discharge conditions.
Elbe Flood at Wittenberg on 18/08/2002.
Elbe Flood in Wittenberg County on 15/08/2002.

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