Identifying Stakeholders

For successful public participation in integrated flood management it is crucial to carefully identify all relevant stakeholders at the very beginning of the planning process.

Stakeholders involved in IFM can be divided into seven groups:

  • Government ministries, departments and agencies

Governments have the prime responsibility of ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens. It is, therefore, important that all relevant departments at the national, state, district and municipal levels be part of the stakeholder group devising flood management strategies at the respective administrative level and take part in flood management planning.

  • Flood-prone communities

Flood-prone communities are at the core of all flood management activities and are major stakeholders. In order to ensure that their needs are met by flood management plans it is essential to include representatives of flood-prone communities in the decision-making process and where appropriate to bundle their interests in an umbrella organization so that their common interests can be identified.

  • Other basin communities

Given the fact that upstream communities can affect downstream flood risks and vice-versa, it is important to ensure the participation of representatives of other communities in the catchment/river basin.

  • Scientific institutions

Scientific expertise forms the basis for well informed decision-making and can provide important input by presenting unbiased scientific studies.  

  • NGOs

NGOs can influence the behaviour of stakeholders by building awareness and disseminating information and can help flood-prone communities organize themselves.

  • Voluntary organizations

In flood emergency situations voluntary organizations can play a crucial role during emergency response and recovery. In flood preparedness programmes they are important actors in raising flood risk awareness.

  • The private sector

The private sector is directly or indirectly affected by flooding and commands over extra-governmental resources which can play a crucial role in flood loss reduction, business continuity planning, emergency response, and the recovery process. The private sector is therefore another important stakeholder.



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