Social Aspects and Stakeholder Involvement

Social issues form an integral part of the flood management process. Next to the existence of a flood hazard it is the community's vulnerability. i.e. the degree of capacity to anticipate and to cope with flood risks, which determines the socio-economic consequences of flooding. Therefore, IFM requires a profound understanding of societal vulnerability to flooding in order to find appropriate options for managing flood risks. Given the high influence of social aspects in flood issues it becomes more and more recognized that the success of flood management measures highly depends on the involvement of all stakeholders in the decision making process. Participatory planning is a basic principle of the IFM approach.  

The social norms and values also determine the level of risk a particular community is able to accept when faced with floods, how well the negative impacts can be overcome and how well the positive effects of floods and floodplain use can be utilized and shared. 



The chapter on Social Aspects addresses the following questions:

    • How do floods affect people and their livelihoods? What are the positive impacts of floods, what are the negative impacts?
    • How do social aspects contribute to flood risks?
    • What is vulnerability and what are the contributing factors? 
    • What can be done to reduce vulnerability?



The chapter on Stakeholder Involvement aims to answer the following questions:

    • Why is stakeholder involvement important, what objectives are pursued and which benefits are expected?
    • Which stakeholders need to be engaged and what kind of role can they play?
    • What are the levels and methods for their engagement?
    • How can legal and institutional frameworks facilitate participation?
    • Why is stakeholder capacity building important and how can it be built?
    • What challenges are likely to hinder the participation process?

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Social Aspects and Stakeholder Involvement in IFM

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