Environmental Aspects of IFM

Until recently, flood management has been engineering-centred; largely relying on structural measures (e.g. embankments, bypass channels, dams and reservoirs) and with little or no consideration being given to the environmental and socio-economic effects of the selected strategy.

The adverse impacts of some of the structural measures and the growing concern for sustainable development have highlighted the need to explicitly address the impact of flood control and protection measures on the environment in a comprehensive manner. The result is a shift from “flood control” towards “integrated flood management” as a development policy.

In this context the present module addresses the following questions:

It is recognized that there are no universal solutions for environment-friendly flood management practices. It is crucial to adopt practices that suit particular circumstances in a given hydro-climatic, topographical and socio-economic setting in a basin. Therefore, this module does not attempt to be a guideline or manual prescribing solutions. Rather, it provides the basic elements of a rational and balanced way of addressing environmental issues in flood management.

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Environmental Aspects of IFM

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