Welcome to the E-learning Platform on Flood Management

Of all natural hazards floods affect the greatest number of people worldwide and have the greatest damage potential. The alarming rate of increasing flood damages and people affected by floods shows that traditional approaches of flood control are no longer capable to cope with intensifying flood risks. This e-learning platform presents an integrated approach to flood management. An approach that is overall characterized by the integration of engineering, socio-economic and ecological aspects into flood management as well as the aim of maximizing the net benefit from floodplains while minimizing loss of life due to floods.

The learning material on this e-learning platform offers you the knowledge for a state of the art management of floods, it covers a comprehensive array of flood management aspects, ranging from flood management policies via methodologies for flood risk assessment and mapping to concrete measures for flood mitigation.

The e-learning platform is structured in three main parts:   

  • The Tutorial section is the core of the e-learning platform. It consists of three comprehensive tutorials which provide in-depth information on the main components of flood management:

             Flood Management Policy 

             Flood Risk Assessment

             Flood Management Plans and Measures

  • The Knowledge Base offers you direct access to basic information about the most relevant topics of flood management.
  • The Virtual Trainer gives you the possibility to check your acquired knowledge by questions relating directly to different sections of the tutorials.



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