Risk identification (2)


provides for the connection between a hazard being realised and the receptor that may be harmed. The question where risk is expected in detail and how risky it is to live in this areas can be answered based on the results of 1D and 2D modelling.


refers to the asset that may be harmed. In case of flood events receptors may be human beings or various kinds of land use types like businesses, homes, public facilities, agricultural used areas and similar property.


may be social, environmental, economic or other kinds of losses. The consequence stands for the negative impact on economic, social or environmental values. It can be expressed

  • quantitatively: monetary value
  • by category: high, medium, low
  • or descriptively

To determine the likelihood of a defined consequence occurring there must be capable integrating mechanisms and a linkage between sources, pathways and receptors. In this way risk analysis can be used to compare occurring events. Within such an analysis it must be considered that there may be multiple sources, pathways and receptors.

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Flood Risk Assessment






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