Risk Assessment - Consequence

The second aspect of risk is the consequence, which - related to flood events - is normally the expected loss. Possible losses are for example: Damages to persons, financial losses, loss of production, damages on cultural values, costs for emergency planning and disaster operation.

To quantify monetary damage of a flood event is necessary that these values can be used in combination with the return period for risk mapping. The methodology quantifies the damage potential by using only monetary assessment of direct damage is itemised in the following way:

  • persons and animals  
  • buildings and outside facilities (e.g. yard, garden)  
  • fixtures and movable assets 
  • stock value (industry, agriculture, retail)
  • forest and farm vegetation 
  • infrastructure 

The most difficult task is to determine the monetary value of damages to persons. In practice, usually the number of affected people is used to provide an additional information to risk map.

The extent of potential damage is considerably affected by:

  • flood plains
  • water depth
  • duration of a flood event
  • type of land use

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