Risk Evaluation

Having determined the annual damage potential for each land use type, these values have to be classified before the corresponding areas can be assigned to the relevant category. The classification can be made by thresholds.

Thresholds in urban areas

To calculate the thresholds a geographic analysis is necessary in which the highest summands of specific annual damage are determined. To fulfil the adoption for searching the maximum of each summand, only inundation areas can be taken in account. Otherwise wrong thresholds would be fixed.

Threshold: low/ medium risk (Gl/m)

Threshold: medium/ high risk (Gm/h)

Thresholds in rural areas

In contrast to urban areas in rural areas the most suitable kind of anthropogenic land use is agricultural use. Only in these flood affected areas high risk occurs. Therefore the adoption is made, that meadows which are flood ones in two years will be allotted to the class low risk:

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Flood Risk Assessment






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