1D Hydrodynamic models


In the previous chapters, "Simulation with Kalypso 1D" and "Example" the approach for the simulation of hydrodynamic models has been explained. Hereby, specifically the software package Kalypso has been adressed. This software was developed by a company called BCE (Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure). Today it is an open-source software, which has been further developed by the institute of river and coastal engineering at the TUHH in cooperation with BCE.

The exercises on this page shall help you with your first introduction into the 1D simulation of hydrodynamic models. To implement this, first of all you have to download the open-source software Kalypso. You can do this by following the links in the right border. To open the exercises below you need a password. This can be requested under natasa.manojlovic@tu-harburg.de.

The following three exercises are for simulations with the 1D-Simulation software Kalypso-WSPM.

Exercise 1: 

Input data for hydraulic 1D-models

Exercise 2:

Calibration of 1D models - roughness

Exercise 3:

Calibration of 1D models - bridges

We wish you lots of fun and success!

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Download of Kalypso:

Kalypso-Internet presentation


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