Description of the project area (2)

At kilometre 61,127 river Y, one of the biggest tributaries, discharges into river R. During a flood event in this section river R inundates large areas on both sides of the channel. It is characteristic for this zone that the level of the flood plain, which is lower than the top-level of the banks. The flood plain is extensively used for agriculture. In the past this area was a fen, therefore the drainage of the land caused a subsidence.

Due to the sabulous ground, the water level of the river is communicating with the groundwater. That is the reason for inundated meadows of the flood plain, even under the condition that the top of thebank is not wetted.

During a flood event the river R branches off into two streams and thereby forms an island close to the estuary of river Y. One of them is the flown through; while the other branch consists of in impounded water on the lower levelled areas.

Further down river R reaches village B. The foreland is completely inundated during flood events. A gauging station exists about 100 m downstream the bridge of B (58,450 km).

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