Description of the project area

In a 1D-simulation the included roughness parameters describe the state of the river in the longitudinal profile as well as in the cross section of the watercourse. The roughness parameters are collected by an inspection on location so that the hydraulic friction and vegetation can be described.

Downstream, at gauging station A the river R is flowing in a very deep riverbed. The river is not objected to overflow, because the banks are protected with rip-raps down to the mouth of the river X  (67,60 km)

On the way towards this mouth the bank slope decreases and is overgrown by pastures and aligned alders. However in some places natural vegetation is growing on the banks. Additionally it has to be
mentioned that 6 artificial croppers were built into the riverbed between 1958 and 1959. All these structures are designed identically and about 40 cms high. They are made of a concrete bar, which is integrated into the riverbed. Before and after this construction stones protect the riverbed.

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