Background of KALYPSO-1D

The basic computation was developed by a company called BCE (Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure). Today it is an open-source software, which has been further developed by the institute of river and coastal engineering at the TUHH in cooperation with BCE. The company BCE has also developed a user interface to this simulation software, which is called WSPM. The program has been tested and applied in Germany for various projects and practical works.

The special features of KALYPSO-1D are:

  • solution for a steady inhomogeneous water shallow equation.
  • detailed modelling of roughness by approaching the equivalent sand roughness ks (COLEBROOK-WHITE).
  • Consideration of virtual interfaces (PASCHE).
  • Consideration of roughness due to vegetation (LINDER/PASCHE).
  • Calculation of bridges with complex geometries under various discharges.
  • Calculation of weirs with one or more fields
  • Determination of Kalinin-Miljukov parameters for flood routing in rainfall-runoff-models (KALYPSO-NA).

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