The Planning Process

Ideally, the planning process is initiated by a River Basin Organization (RBO) or another competent institution which is able to include all flood related aspects of a basin in the planning process. In the absence of a river basin organisation, as a first step, it is essential to set up a core team consisting of representatives from key institutions that are mandated with flood management, water resources management, agriculture, disaster management and environment.

With respect to the involvement of stakeholders it is important to draft a shared vision reflecting stakeholders’ needs, aspirations and concerns right at the beginning. Such a process begins with addressing certain key questions:

  • Who are the stakeholders in the basin?
  • How do they relate to the floods and flood plains?
  • How to proceed with the planning of their effective involvement?
  • What kind of arrangement is required for an international river basin?

There are certain prerequisites for ensuring the successful and sustainable involvement of stakeholders in a given situation. The role of each stakeholder, including the mechanism of their involvement, need to be specified so that they can be sustainable in the long term. Mechanism of engaging various stakeholders and their active participation in the proceeding of planning and decision making should be planned in advance and clearly articulated and clarified along with the launch of the process.

The graph below illustrates the diverging and converging phases of a participatory process. 

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Graph adapted from van Beek (2004)


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