Step 6: Implementation Plan and Monitoring

A plan of implementation for the options of basin flood management, providing clear timelines for meeting short- medium- and long-term target should be drawn. Such a plan should clearly assess the financial resources required and the way these resources are to be mobilised. This requires a clear assignment of tasks among organizations responsible and consultation with financial institutions to secure financial resources. The implementation plan should draw out alternative approaches to meet the targets if the required resources for taking up the plan as scheduled are not available.

Some of the institutions may not have the capacity to undertake the responsibilities assigned to them. The plan should clearly define the capacity building requirements for all institutions and stakeholders at different levels in the basin.

Monitoring and evaluation of basin condition before, during and after the implementation of the plan is essential to check its sustainability and help take corrective measures. Appropriate performance indicators, suitable for various level of management, have to be established and the threshold values assigned. If adverse affects beyond the specified threshold values are observed, modification and adjustment in the plan should be carried out.


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