Integrated flood management


Within the Flows project the approaches of integrating flood risk information into spatial planning in the participating countries (Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway) have been opposed. An international comparison on the different strategies has been accomplished.

Thinking about different strategies to manage flood related planning tasks two  essential questions are to be answered:

  • What kind of organisational structure leads to optimum cooperation of water management and spatial planning authorities?
  • Should the organisation structure be adjusted to Framework Directive catchments boundaries (transnational organisations)?

Information on the country-specific policy can be selected from the map. Please click on the relevant country. 


The following conclusion could be gained from this project:

  • The national organisation structure does not really matter. The key message is:  “Do not change the existing organisation structures or laws”.
  • It is more important to have clear and strong (inter)national guidelines or frameworks in which roles and responsibilities of organisations are clearly defined. All flows members agree that is more important to change the attitude of spatial planners and water managers. The key message: “invest in bringing spatial planners and water management together”.
  • There's no answer to the second question.




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