Calculation of Losses


Determination of specific asset values - described by means of the basic conditions in Germany

In Germany the maximal loss can be calculated using a statistical-economical assessment of asset value. Based on the asset values the maximal loss is calculated separated for each land use unit. This calculation considers the constructive total losses. But, it must be pointed out that even in case of extreme flood events, this value wont be reached and therefore has to be reduced later on.

After evaluation of the asset values for each land use type a connection with the catchment area has to be made. This could be done using the method of regionalisation. This method to calculate the flood damage potential is composed of three steps:

  • determination of asset value per land use type in []
  • identification of corresponding land use areas in [m]
  • intersection of statistical-economic data and land use types to calculate the specific asset value in [/m]

Using digital information (GIS) to identify the corresponding land use types the specific damage for each land use type can be calculated. Applying a Geographic Information System, it is possible to combine all necessary data for determination of damage potential like:

  • inundation areas with water depth
  • land use distribution
  • specific asset values
  • damage functions

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