Annual Flood Damage Potential


Calculation of Annual Damage

The occurrence of flood events is a stochastic process. As logical consequence the potential damage can not be exactly determined. The calculation is based on available statistical data and is expressed as annual flood damage potential. Therefore the damage is weighted by the frequency of returning.

The damage probability can be calculated by integration of the annual damage potential. Assumption:

The maximal damage is set as the upper limit of integration (recurrence interval T = Tmax); the expected damage can only be calculated for events which probability of occurrence is more frequently than Tmax. The corresponding probability for this design event is Pmax As consequence the remaining risk cant be considered.

Damage potential assessment needs input parameters and calculations as named below:

  • geomorphologic description of the catchment area / geo-hydrologic parameters
  • determination of hazard characteristics
  • determination of relevant design flood (water depths for each flood event)
  • hydraulic calculations

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