Annual Flood Damage Potential


Flood damage is a damage to

  • receptors (buildings, infrastructure, goods),
  • production and
  • intangibles (life, cultural and ecological assets) caused by a flood.

Flood damage potential describes the value of social, economic and ecological impacts (harm) that would be caused in the event of a flood.

The Total damage potential  is the integration of all damage potential values (assuming linear function of damage). Applying this method the combination of flood probability and monetary damage assessment is managed. The flood risk can be estimated based on annual flood.


Identification of Damage Potential

There are a lot of reasons why extrem flood events are followed by high and sometimes irreperable damages on buildings, infrastructure and environment. Some of them are listed below. The extent of potential damage is considerably affected by the:

  • extent of flood plains
  • the assets within the inundated area
  • water depth
  • duration of a flood event
  • type of landuse
  • population density
  • geomorphologic destinctions

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