Flood Damage Assessment



To create a flood damage assessment the following topics have to be executed:


In connection with natural hazards it can basically be distinguished between three categories of damage:

  • direct or indirect damages
  • tangible or intangible damages
  • primary and secondary damage.

Direct flood damages result from the actions of floodwaters, inundation and flow, on property and structures.

Indirect damages arise from the disruptions to physical and economic activities caused by flooding. Indirect damages are for example: the loss of sales or the reduced productivity.

Tangible damages are monetary losses directly attributable to flooding. They may occur as direct or indirect flood damages.

Intangible damages arise from adverse social and environmental effects caused by flooding. Examples of intangible damages are: loss of life, emigration, stress and anxiety, damage caused to someones health etc. These intangible damages are not easily quantifiable and have not been included in the monetary assessment of flood damages.

Primary and secondary losses are distinguished in the sense that:

  • the primary damage result directly from the flood event, while
  • secondary damage in the causation of the actual flood event distances themselfe.

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