Standards for risk Assessment - Norway

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) released guidelines for land use planning. Flood risk assessment in Norway is based on these guidlines and follows the standards listed below.


Risk category



Danger for loss of live / high velocity rivers

1/1000 year

Low velocity rivers 

Less populated urban area (houses/stores/infrastructure)

1/100 year

Densely populated areas and Hospitals/ fire stations/ industry

1/200 year

Small, separate buildings (garages, boat houses)

1/50 year

Agriculture / nature

No standard


Besides taking into account the economical value, Norway also makes a distinction between land protected from high velocity and riversand land protected from low velocity rivers. Because of the danger for loss of lives caused by flooding from high velocity rivers, the land is well protected against flooding (minimum return period of 1000 year). For areas next to low velocity rivers, minimum return periods range from 50 to 100 year. Further the risk of erosion, landslides and ice jams is taken into account.In contrast to the Netherlands, Norway does not apply flood protection standards for agriculturalland.

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