Risk assessment


Standards for risk assessment in selected european countries

In recent years seviour flood events have affected the central part of Europe. These floods caused life losses and huge damages. According to EU Water Framework Directive a catchment plan that includes floodplain management issues should be developed for each river basin. This framework directive does not specify specific construction or mapping standards in flood prone areas. It only refers to country-specific regulations and responsible organisations, which should guarantee an implementation according to the framework directive.

Within the FLOWS project the standards for risk assessment in different european countries were assembled. The FLOWS project partners are:

  • Germany (State Ministry of Urban Development and Environment)
  • The Netherlands (Province of Flevoland)
  • Norway (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate)
  • Sweden (County Administrative Board of Värmland)
  • United Kingdom (Cambridgeshire County Council)


The FLOWS country representatives agree that standards for flood risk assessment should be based on the natural water system. An international framework/guideline for standards for flood risk assessment will increase uniformity over Europe, but standards need to be filled in nationally because countries and regions differ too much for one European standard.

To get detailed information on risk assessment in the FLOWS-partner countries, please click onto the relevant country in the map.







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Risk assessment






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