Risk assessment


Risk assessment is a step in the risk management process and describes the process of evaluating adverse effects caused by a natural phenomenon (e.g. flood). The procedure of assessing risk is based on:

  • the probability that loss will occur and
  • the extent of damage.

Risk assessment comprises understanding, evaluating and interpreting the perceptions of risk and societal tolerances of risk to inform decisions and actions in the flood risk management process.

The process of evaluating likelihood, threats, vulnerabilities and the theoretical effectiveness of structural and non structural protection measures, known and postulated, is not only designed for determining expected loss but also to establish the degree of acceptability related to residual risk.


The most essential objectives of flood risk assessment are:

  • to get an idea of the amount of possible losses caused by flooding
  • to be able to reduce the damage potential to an acceptable level after quantifying risk
  • to be able to assess the efficiency of protection measures 
  • to support further decisions after or before a flood occurs
  • to understand and be aware of the complexities of the situation as best as possible

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