Flood management measures


Flood management measures are planned actions or structures that will be triggered if a certain risk becomes real and it is treated as an issue that must be resolved. Flood management plans take into account contingencies and preventive measures as well protective measures that must be put in place to avoid the realisation of the risk. Related to floods flood management measures are methods of reducing the effects of floods. These methods may be structural solutions (e.g. reservoirs, levees) or non-structural (e.g. land-use planning, early warning systems).

Structural mitigation measures


Structural flood management measures are measures, which are taken to protect people and property, that counteracts the flood event in order to reduce the hazard or to influence the course or probability of occurrence of the event.

Non-structural mitigation measures

Non-structural flood management measures can be considered as a set of mitigation and/or adaptation measures that do not make use of traditional structural flood defence measures. They reduce damage without influencing the current of the flood event. Non-structural flood management measures include all flood management measures that are not  based on large-scale defences.

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Flood management measures






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Flood management measures