Flood modelling

Modelling techniques


Related to flood management the modeling process refers to hydrological and hydraulic phenonemons. Advanced computer programs can simulate both of them. 

Hydrologic modelling: Describes the activity of applying mathematical or physical techniques used to simulate the hydrologic cycle and its effects on a watershed.

Hydraulic modelling: Hydraulic models are based on calculation techniques, which solve mathematical or physical equations to simulate water systems and make projections relating to water levels, flows and velocities. Hydraulic modelling is the simulation activity. Many questions concerning hydraulics cannot be answered in a simple way since flowing waters are dominated by structural multiplicity and complex geometries, which lead to multidimensional flow systems depending on a number of parameters.

Represent complex synergism like that nowadays is solved by computer-aided numerical flow models. The practitioner is thus confronted with the problem of choosing the right model for his solution. 


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Flood modelling






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