Flood risk mapping - Example Germany

As consequence of severe flood events in summer 2002 some changes concerning the legal background of flood related issues have happend. In March 2005 a new Act - called the Flood Control Act - becomes effective and represents the legal framework for the prevention of flood damage on nationwide level.

According to the new rules the Lšnder are legally obligated to designate flood plains all over the country. For areas with a high potential of damage flood plains have to be designated within five years. Flood plains in flood-prone areas have to be designated within seven years. Priority is given to waters with considerable flood damage. The Lšnder decide about this priority. Furthermore, the public has to be included in this process. How to inform authorities and population about flood risk shall stipulate Land law.

In Germany the content and naming convention of flood risk maps differs in each Land (state) as the 16 Ministries of each Land are responsible for inundation mapping. The Lšnder have full authority on how to regulate flood issues. Flood risk maps are based on a 100 year flood and presently are available for about 41.000 km of water courses (river of 1. and 2. order). So called "Flood prone zones" are flooded ares due to failure of public flood defence facilities.

Example of an inundation map in Germany

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