Welcome to the Virtual Trainer (VT)

Our Virtual Trainer is a dynamic learning tool, that will help you learning and better understanding sustainable flood management tasks.

Before start learning, you will have to select your topic of interest from a set of several questionnaires. Those questionnaires will provide you with answers to the following questions:

* What is Integrated Flood Management?
* Why are hydrological processes the basis of flood related planning?
* What are the basics in hydraulic engineering?
* How can we calculate flood risk and how to assess the negative effects?
* What are the differences between flood resilience and flood resistance?

The system is going to communicate with you using a flexible hierarchy of questions, which are tailored to your individual level of knowledge. The more you know the less questions you will get. Each question is related to one topic described in your learning material. In case your answer on a question is wrong, you will be automatically directed to the block of tutorial related to this topic and you will continue with Virtual Tutor starting from this topic.

If it is not the case, repeat the "tour" or read the text more carefully.

So, try to impress us!  

Good Luck!

Your Virtual Trainer Team.


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