Landuse Control- EU experiences

The European Commission has released the proposal for the "Directive of the European Parliament and of the council on the assessment and management of floods" {SEC(2006) 66}. Within the proposal, a three-step process is proposed composed of the following activities:[1]

  • Preliminary flood risk assessment of the river basins and associated coastal zones.
  • Development of flood risk maps.
  • Development of flood risk management for flood prone zones. They will address all phases of the flood risk management cycle but focus particularly on prevention, protection and preparedness.


The future flood management should focus:

“…on the reduction of the probability of flooding and of potential consequences of flooding to human health, the environment and economic activity, and taking into account relevant aspects: water management, soil management, spatial planning, land use and nature conservation.”


(article 9 para. 2 Proposal for a directive on the assessment and management of floods)


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