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Here you'll get consise information on the relevant topics of Integrated flood management (IFM) by presenting the content via key words, so called entry points. The selected key words are organised in a logical structure and can be easily found and selected in the navigation bar or using the search engine. To facilitate your search for a specific key word all key words are also arranged in alphabetical order under the associated link.

The block diagram below gives you a short overview of the KB structure. To see further levels please click on the red framed entry points.

By simply clicking on one of the entry points in the block diagram or pop-up menu you will get a direct link to the appropriate page in the Knowledge Base.

Flood Risk Management Flood Management Measures Capacity Building of Human Resources Flood Prepardness Flood Risk Mapping Economic Aspects Hydrological Modelling Hydrodynamic Modelling Contingency Planning Integrated Flood Management Flood Probability Reduction Measures Flood Resilience Measures Landuse Control S-P-R-C Model Flood Modelling Uncertainty Analysis Kalypso

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