Method for risk assessment

Microscale damage assessment for Town XY

In April 2004 Town XY was inundated by a 30 year flood event. Although people have been aware of flooding the caused losses have been immense. Questionnaires spread by the TUHH specified damages in the region of 360.000 :

  • 88 buildings in 27 streets were inundated
  • 7 trades lost money by stopping their sale or production
  • 89 % of damage was located at building structure
  • only 11 % was destroyed stock

For comparing this mircocale damage assessment with the mesoscale approach the annual damage is used. Based on rebuild expenses for building structures and new stocks, damage potential for objects could be calculated for different water stages.

Problems occur if more objects were affected then located during mircoscale approach, taken in account flood events with rare return periods. With these adoptions damage potential was calculated for: 

HQ1: 750.000

HQ10: 1.300.000

By weighting statistically an annual damage of 923.000 /a was calculated.

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