Specific asset values on meso-scale level according to MERK

Within MERK project on the evaluation of risk in flood prone coastal areas, a valuation based on standardised asset values has been made. A comparison with the other valuation methods is only possible after the asset values have been brought in relation to the corresponding area. This procedure demand for some very detailed considerations and additional calculations, which are not shown here. For details please find the project report available as download. Having determined the specific asset values these values can be compared with the values gained from other valuation methods like IKSR or IKSE.

Here are the specific asset values for the land use types: settlements, agriculture and forestry.

Figure 1: Specific asset value settlement according to MERK study

Natural resources and land use types can be separated in the three sectors with very different vulnerability according to inundation:

  • arable land 
  • meadows 
  • forest

Cause of the general specific asset value for agriculture no detailed analysis is possible. The net asset value includes only buildings and inventory but no farming products. For damage potential analysis these facts should be take in account: As consequence the asset value for agriculture is determined based on annual harvest (e.g. Figure 2).

Figure 2: Specific asset value for agriculture based on annual harvest
Figure 3: Average land value

With the adoption that all meadows are intensive used, there are three grass harvests fixed. Annual asset is calculated to 675 /ha/a, according a crop of 10, 15 and 25 m/ha by an output of 15 /m.

Forest areas are evaluated by statistical estimated values for wood harvest. Averaged asset is set to: 810 /ha/a (Figure 3).

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