Valuation on meso-scale level

Asset values - Settlement

Total asset value of settlement is composed of:

  • property (asset value) 
  • inventory (residence contents) 
  • private vehicles 

In 1998 private property asset was fixed to 3.300 Mrd. for 36.22 Mio. households in Country XY. The net asset value can be calculated for each household to 91.000 .

The values of inventory (residence contents) of 50.000 is taken, based on the data obtained from different insurance companies for the year 2005.

For motor vehicles asset the heavy goods vehicles, mini buses and tractors are not considered in this study because they are part of economic assets.

The values of 10.000 per motor vehicle and 3.000 per motorcycle are adopted. The total motor vehicle asset value of Land XY is 15 billion for the year 2005. Using the number of households, the total motor vehicle asset can be divided into the administrative districts.

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