Survey data

All relevant input parameter for damage assessment and mapping are managed by a Geographic Information System like ArcView. Digital terrain models describe the form of appearance and characteristics of the earth’s surface by using topographical objects. These objects are characterized from different attributes, detailedness and interactions. This case study is based on two different types of survey data:

  • Automated Real Estate Map (ALK, scale 1:1000)
  • Authoritative Topographic and Cartographic Information System (ATKIS) with Digital Landscape Model (DLM, scale 1:5000)

These data - available for most of the Länder - are the basis for urban and landscape planning.

The Automated Real Estate Map (ALK) includes digital data of the Real Estate Cadastre (ALB) like parcels with their boundaries, buildings and the current land use type. Each parcel can be identified by an identification number.

In Germany the Länder are legal bounded to map the topography according to defined and corporate standards. This is done by the so called ATKIS. ATKIS is a data standard which is performed at federal level. ATKIS constitutes a data base for computer-assisted digital processing and offers a lot of essential information for spatial planning.

The Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy and the State Survey Offices, obtain ATKIS and ALK data for the project area of Kellinghusen. In a first step different types of land use (classes of ALK) are merged in nine groups which represent the land use types and the calculated specific asset values.

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