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The River XY is located in the south eastern part of Country XY. As a practical example on risk mapping the Town XY is chosen. Town XY was often affected by flood in the last years. Wide areas were inundated by the River XY and from groundwater.

As result from rainfall runoff modelling and hydraulic simulations inundation maps have been created. Furthermore information on the land use types of the flooded areas have been collected. 


Data sources

Supported by an inundation map the endangered areas can be located. The graphic below shows the extent of flooding caused by HQ 100. Considering more than one scenario allows to calculate different levels of risk.

The intersection of inundated areas and affected land use types can easily be realised using a geographical information system.

In Germany for example there are different sources where you can get survey data. Please use the link to get more information.

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Flood Risk Assessment






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