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Within the hydrology part inundation and / or hazard maps are produced which include detailed information on flow depths and the area-measured extent of flooding. They depict the corresponding water depth caused by a certain flood event and the possible extent of endangered area, but do not quantify the losses.

Different return periods can be considered if the water levels are calculated for different scenarios. Afterwards, economic calculations can be made for any relevant return period.

Economic calculations are necessary to bring the possible consequence as input to risk assessment process. This economic part involves the determination of the asset values for each land use type.

In most European countries land use related data can be obtained in digital form from national, regional or local authorities responsible for spatial planning or statistical survey. It depends from the size of the catchment area which scale of analysis is the most suitable one. The choice of scale is strongly associated with the detailedness of land use information.

Land use data on macroscale level for example are available as result from the CORINE-program. In the frame of European CORINE program digital photos gained from satellites are collected and analysed since the middle of the eighties. These data represent an essential pool of information on land use development and other environmental issues.

In Germany additionally two furter types of survey data are available:

  • Automated Real Estate Map (ALK, scale 1:1000)
  • Authoritative Topographic and Cartographic Information System (ATKIS) with Digital Landscape Model (DLM, scale 1:5000) 

Asset values may be gained from statistical data. Most European countries collect economical data for statistically based analysis.

Having determined these asset values, they are intersected with the corresponding areas of each land use type. This step is necessary before being able to calculate the specific damage for each inundation scenario. Therefore first of all the maximal loss has to be determined.





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