Screenshots of the web-based advisory toll "FloReTo"


FloReTo is a web- based advisory system on flood management measures on micro scale level that can be used for capacity building of stakeholders and enables tailored approaches for the user`s own property data. [*1]


In detail it aims at:

  • assessing the vulnerability and the "weak spots" of the area based on the assessment of the single poperties.
  • determining suitable retrofitting measure(s) which improve flood resilience of single households and consequently of the whole area. As a final output of the system, the user gets different flood retrofitting scenarios for own property, based on the cost benefit analysis (CBA).

  • improving flood hazard awareness of the stakeholders by providing them with the information related to flood management in an interactive way.
  • facilitating decision making on the micro-scale level and enables continuous exchange of information between the stakeholders (experts, residents, construction and insurance industry).


The requirements on such a tool and expectations of key stakeholders have been assessed during the workshops and interviews held inter alia in the Kollau cathcment area in Hamburg, Germany. In general, the application of such tools is evaluated as positive and readiness of residents to use such tools is considerably high, though preferably in a combination with direct contact to the authorities. This combined process based on the systematic data collection and assessment can considerably improve flood risk management in Small Urban Catchments (SUCAs) in terms of selection of appropriate resilience strategy for protection of built environment and foster communication between the authorities and residents.

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*1 Manojlovic et al. (2007)


FloReTo- State of the art (Manojlovic et al. (2007))

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