Flood hazard awareness


Flood hazard awareness describes the notion, the understanding of dangers that can emerge from a flood. Thus it is essential for self-protection, as it implies hazard-adapted behaviour. It is also seen as precondition for flood protection measures and their endurance or sustainability. Hazard awareness normally evolves from experience of the adverse effects, consequential to a hazard.


One of the main strategies of flood resilience measures is to find ways to communicate flood related information with the objective to increase flood awareness among people potentially affected by flooding.

People should accept flooding as a natural phenomenon and adapt their behaviour to it. If they have not experienced flood themselves, the knowledge about flooding should be passed on by other means such as using:

Example of Flood map
Example of Flood mark
  • Hard- Copied Written Material (leaflets, brochures, handbooks, fliers)
  • Media (TV, the Radio, Newspapers)
  • Damage potential analysis and
  • Interactive communication among interested parties such as:
    • Interactive internet portals or multi media systems

It is particularly hard to keep flood awareness alive behind the dikes, as people feel safe and do not consider that they can be exposed to any flood hazard. Nevertheless the public has the right to get accurate regularly updated flood information. This should be the first step in flood risk awareness creation.

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