Interactive Learning Groups

Examples of Interactive learning groups


Interactive learning can be defined as the learning that occurs when individuals advance their understanding through dialogue. The individuals can be groups of learners working together, single learners engaged with a tutor or interactive computer, and groups of learners interacting with one or more experts.


Interactive Learning Groups (ILGs) were applied to assess the potential of the stakeholders-residents to build their capacity and to initiate such a learning process. Such a concept of empowering the targeted stakeholder group is based on the interactive learning rather than mere delivering of information about selected issues. In this learning process, based on the Kolb’s cycle [*1] the stakeholders should identify and accept their responsibilities, and learn why and how to be proactive in an adequate way. For example, for the stakeholder-residents the key question is how to protect my home in an effective and (cost) efficient manner.


During an interactive learning group an alternative way to reach the general public and people directly affected by flooding is to make use of the flood animation centre (FAC), which creates virtual flooding situations by various flood symbols and animated flood situations.


Transferred to the EraNet and FLOWS project several workshops have been realised to effect interactive learning. Detailed information about the workshops, their deficiencies of outcome and the improvments made on the Kolb`s cycle can be seen in the Tutorial (see links on the right border).

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