Information and education tools - Flood Animation Center (FAC)

Figure 1: FAC: Floodcylinder
Figure 2: FAC: Floodbox

Definition/ Methodology

One of the alternative ways to reach the general public and people directly affected by flooding is to make use of the flood animation centre (FAC), which creates virtual flooding situations by various flood symbols and animated flood situations.

It consists of a set of 24 cylinders, which are filled with water in dependence of the flood event the user has chosen. The arrangement of cylinders creates a feeling of a water body surrounding the observers, which the user can regard or even step through. Emotional situations are created via haptic components, e.g. by sitting in a flood box or walking through this “forest” of water columns, creating a feeling of continuous water body The flood animation centre is equipped with a GPS-sensor and a GIS-system on a laptop giving the user the possibility to fill the cylinders with a water height that corresponds to a flood probability taken from an existing geo-referenced hazard map.

Additionally a haptic flood animation box, that reproduces the reality by flooding a real room in a most realistic way, contributed to better visualisation of a flood event. Media technology can help by animations and movies to bring back the remembrance. A narrator who tells about his personal flood experiences completes the flood animation centre [*1].


The FAC can be used as a part of the ILGs for the purposes of visualising the flood hazard and appealing emotionally to the participants (Concrete experience part), but also as a standalone system and as such can be moved to the flood prone area within a road show or installed on fairs, or local festivals.


The flood animation centre, in its integral or reduced form, has been used several times to raise the flood related issues and to raise risk awareness among the citizens. For example, the FAC was presented at "The Night of Science", 9th June 2007 at the Hamburg University of Technology. With around 10.000 visitors such a public event was a good opportunity to address the problem of flooding.

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*1 Pasche et al (2007)



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