Flood resilience built environment - Wetproofing


Wetproofing is a retrofitting strategy where the building is modified in a way that in case of flooding, the damage is minimised.

Example of wetproofing measures


By applying wet proofing measures floodwater is not prevented from entering the building, but the building is adapted to flooding in a way that potential damage is reduced by:

  • applying water resistant building material or
  • adapting the occupancy of the building (e.g. basement is not used for living).
  • Additionally, the inventory can be raised above the expected flood water level e.g. by placing it on a sufficiently high platform.


Wet water proofing is used when the other techniques are not technically feasible or cost intensive. The major costs of the least expensive measure are for:

  • rearrangement of utility items,
  • installation of flood resistant materials and
  • equipment to relocate items and organization of cleanup when floodwaters recede.


To see examples of wetproofing measures on private buildings, please click on the associated link.

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