Institutions for Participation

Institutionalizing participation is an integral part of the IFM planning process. Whenever possible existing organizational structures and traditional institutions should be used, rather than establishing new ones specifically for that purpose.

Institutions that aim to facilitate participation should be based on the following legal principles:

  • Right to participate: legal provisions ensuring participation of all relevant stakeholders
  • Right to information: ensuring regular, precise, comprehensive and timely information
  • Accountability: ensuring accountability in the process by flood management and mitigation agencies, the community and other key stakeholders
  • Transparency: ensuring that all processes and decisions are transparent

There are examples of national competent authorities for flood management, e.g. respective line ministries creating multi-sectoral platforms for participation in strategy formulation. Other examples of types of organizations which have successfully facilitated participation in IFM planning processes on different levels are River Basin Organizations (RBOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), which will be described in detail on the following pages.  



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