IFM Principles

Adopt a best mix of strategies

  • Various strategic goals of flood management with corresponding options are provided in the table below. Each river basin will assemble a suite of options based on the strategic goals flood management is tasked to achieve. Quite different strategies are likely to be appropriate for different  countries or river basins.

  • A layered strategy, combining short, medium and long-term measures, pre-, during- and post flood measures, laying responsibilities to share the costs between national, state, local governments along with the individual, need to be considered. These options must be appropriate to the given socio-economic and geo-climatic conditions and adaptable to changing conditions.

  • An appropriate combination of structural and non-structural measures must be evaluated, adopted and implemented, recognizing the merits and demerits of both types of measures. The historic evolution of flood management in many countries has seen a phase of strong emphasis on structural measures. They provide the baseline of flood protection but should never be planned and implemented in isolation, but rather be embedded in a comprehensive set of measures that also take into consideration ecological and recreational uses as well as the residual risks that prevail after implementing structural measures.

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