IFM Principles

Adopt a multi-hazard approach

  • Flood management should be integrated into a wider risk management system of 'all hazard' preparedness, emergency planning and management. This is essential to minimize the risk of managing one hazard (say riverine floods on the plains) at the expense of increasing risks from another (e.g. flash floods or landslides).
  • Consistency in approaches to natural hazard management in all relevant national or local plans should be ensured. This required close coordination between the specialized institutes assessing different hazards (most likely not concentrated in one institution due to the vastly differing specialist knowledge required for analyzing the different hazards) , the planners, and the emergency responders on the appropriate levels.
  • Early warnings and forecasts, that are key inputs for the reduction of the social and economic impact of all natural hazards - including floods, should be strengthened and monitored through an integrated system.




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