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Records of loss of life and damage caused by floods worldwide show that these have continued to rise steadily during recent years. Understandably, the response has been to call for increased efforts to protect life and property. However, given the density of population and level of investment on flood plains, such protection can only be achieved at great cost and often at the expense of denying the productive use of flood-prone land. Furthermore, small and medium sized floods can be a vital source of freshwater and can bring other benefits to the community and the natural environment.

At the same time, the sustainable and effective management of water resources demands a holistic approach - linking socio-economic development with the protection of natural ecosystems and appropriate management links between land and water uses. It is recognised that a river basin is a dynamic system in which there are many interactions between land and water bodies. In the light of this, attempts are needed and should be tried to improve the functioning of the river basin as a whole rather than simply fixing local problems.

This calls for embracing the integrated approaches to flood management.  Integrated Flood Management (IFM), is a new approach in which due consideration is given to the positive as well as the negative aspects of flood waters and to the valuable resource that is represented by the flood plains that these waters occupy on occasions. The approach is adaptive enough to accomodate increasing climate variability and potential climate change.

The Flood Manager E-learing Platform is a web-based resource that provides you with the state of the art knowledge in understanding and implementing Integrated Flood Management and offers you the possibility to get exposed to the interdisciplinary aspects of flood management that enable you to interact confidently with specialists in these field whom you would have to deal with in furthering this approach.

The e-learning platform is structured in three main parts: 

The Tutorial section is the core of the e-learning platform. It consists of three comprehensive tutorials which provide in-depth information on the main components of flood management:

Flood Management Policy 

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Management Plans and Measures

The Knowledge Base offers you direct access to basic information about the most relevant topics of flood management.

The Virtual Trainer gives you the possibility to check your acquired knowledge by questions relating directly to different sections of the tutorials.

Get acquainted with up-to-date methodology and sophisticated tools to cope with flooding in an integrative way!!!

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